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Welcome To Universal Janitorial Services, Inc. We Help Our Customers Clean Disinfect, & Sanitize Their Facilities, in Washington DC, Northern Virginia & Maryland.

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The Story Of Universal Janitorial Services

Universal Janitorial Services was founded in Fairfax VA in 1978 by two hardworking entrepreneurs, creating the proud foundation for excellence in commercial cleaning and disinfection services.

After 12 years in the business, Mark Lineberry took over as President of Universal Janitorial Cleaning in 2011, and Francisco Rivas was given the role of COO after working for the company since 1982.

Our fundamental values are that the cleanliness of your premises is reflecting on you, and the responsibility of delivering on the promise of an exceptionally clean facility is ours.

We are firm believers in long-term and long-lasting client relationships. We value these relationships for a couple of reasons:

1) we always strive to provide 100% with the knowledge that a clean image is everything,

2) if we do a great job, then maybe our customers will send some referrals our way. Most of our business come from the recommendation of others.

Universal Janitorial
In The Media - Universal Janitorial Services Inc.-mark-lineberry

In The Media

Follow Universal Janitorial Services, Inc. on their amazing journey of proving how a high quality cleaning service can positively impact revenue for businesses in Washington DC, and achieving a dream of creating employment, purpose, and growth for hundreds of professional cleaners.

The Management Team

Universal Janitorial Services features a highly skilled team of commercial cleaning professionals led by a management staff with more than 100 years of combined industry experience.

Mark Lineberry, President Universal Janitorial Services, Inc.

Mark Lineberry, President

Mark is overall responsible for Universal Janitorial Services, Inc. and building the team and long-term client relations.
Mark joined Universal Janitorial Services, Inc. in 1997 and became President in 2011.

Francisco-Rivas, coo Universal Janitorial Services

Francisco Rivas, COO

Francisco in responsible for our exceptional cleaning service and the team of cleaning specialists.

He joined Universal Janitorial Services, Inc. as COO in 2011.

The Principles Of Our Exceptional Janitorial Services

Our employees and clients are fundamental to our success and the exceptional commercial cleaning services we have been providing, you as our valued customer, again and again, since 1978. Our focus is two fold:

Invest In Client Happiness

By Providing Exceptional Cleaning Services

We are fortunate to have customers that have stayed with us through 41 years, since our start. It’s an immense privilege that we attribute to our care and quality commercial cleaning services, and what has ensured our growth since 1978

Employee Happiness & Retention

By Providing Exceptional Benefits & Support

We would not be able to provide an exceptional service without our loyal employees. We understand that by investing in the relationship, training, benefits, and helping employees overcome challenges in their private lives, we can build a future together

What Benefits Do We Offer To Our Employees?

In our over 40 years of doing business in the Washington DC Metro area, we know a thing or two on hiring and retaining great employees, essential to our growth and happy customers.

We get the question from prospective customers a lot, so we thought we would share it here. 

  • Benefits apply to both our part-time and full-time colleagues
  • Always a wage much higher than the federal minimum wage
  • Paid holidays, for both part-time and full-time employees
  • Paid leave for everybody
  • Paid training and education related to their work
  • 401(k) availability for all employees.
  • Interest-free loans for life’s emergencies.
  • Flexibility in extended family leave.
  • Access to funds for special situations, like medical.
Employees of Universal Janitorial Services

Our Cleaning Quality Control

At Universal Janitorial Services, we have formalized our cleaning quality into three parts “TRIfecta”.

Our training, certifications, and cleaning software helps us deliver consistent high quality commercial cleaning that scores high on our customer satisfaction.

Quality control of our commercial cleaning services
Ensuring quality in our commercial cleaning services

What Our Customer Are Saying …

“I would like to tell you how much of an improvement the janitorial services have been since Universal Janitorial Services, Inc. has been cleaning suite 700. I wanted you to know that everyone is pleased with the service and attention given to their individual offices. Thank you.”

– Adele, Short-term Office Leasing (HQ)

“This note is to make certain you are aware that Mr. Tony Rivas and his colleagues have, at no time, provided anything less than outstanding cleaning services. At all times, Mr. Rivas has maintained the utmost level of professionalism and competence.

– President, Environmental publication

“The Professional Development Staff has noticed a definite improvement in the cleanliness of the building. We appreciate the time and effort to put into keeping our building in great shape”.

– Rosalie, US Department of Agriculture

Some Fun Facts About Universal Janitorial Services

42 Years

Our Longest Client Relationship

3,477 miles

The amount, in miles, of toilet paper we purchase annually

1.2mil sqft

The amount of square footage we clean and disinfect


Number of hours worked this week at all our customers locations

2,756 students

Number of students in the schools we service


Percentage of certified eco- or green-based products used

My Clean Pivot

Through his business “My Clean Pivot”, Mark Lineberry is sharing his decades of experience in building a successful commercial cleaning company with entrepreneurs that are determined on building and scaling their cleaning company.

Principles, goals, persistence, systems, automation, and templates. Mark shares what is most important at each stage of building a cleaning company and a service customers loves.

Learn more about Mark’s Cleaning Business Coaching

Mark Lineberry, President

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