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40 Years of helping government, national security contractors, and businesses with high quality commercial cleaning and disinfection services in the Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC area.

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Safety and commercial cleaning services has more importance now than ever and requires a higher level of investment in training, cleaning equipment, and cleaning and disinfectants, in order to comply with national and state guidelines, and most importantly ensure the health and safety of your customers, staff and community.

We have been providing that certainty and safety for +40 years to our community and are looking forward to assist you.

Commercial Cleaning & Disinfection

A commercial cleaning and disinfection system that remove germ risks and give you the peace of mind for your facility.

Commercial Cleaning & Disinfection

Our continuous investment in, professional staff, training, equipment helps keep your location safe. Services include Commercial Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Floor Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Disinfection, and Facility Management.

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Need Urgent Disinfection?

You have a suspicion or confirmed case of infection in your facilities. We provide immediate disinfection and sanitzing services.

Urgent Disinfection

Immediate reaction to any suspicious or confirmed case of virus infection is part of good response practice. We offer a disinfection system to give you immediate results and peace of mind.

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High-Quality Disinfection & Commercial Cleaning System

Why do I need a professional commercial cleaning company?

Free up your staff for your high value services and we will serve you as your local commercial cleaning company with a proven cleaning and disinfection system. You will no longer have to stay abreast on latest CDC guidelines to ensure you don’t compromise the health and safety of your staff, customers, community, and your business. We are the experts on national, state and local health, safety guidelines.

We help you stay up-to-date on commercial cleaning guidelines

We invest in commercial cleaning systems, equipment, and training so that you don’t have to. 

Since 1978 we have been improving and adapting our cleaning and disinfection system based on tested new commercial cleaning products and technology, guidelines provided by CDC, EPA, or new conclusions published by American Journal Of Infection Control, related to efficacy of quality of eliminating germs and viruses.

What is a high-quality commercial cleaning service?

As a high-quality commercial cleaning company, we compensate and train our staff well above average which has a major positive impact on our staff retention and enables us to build and grow on our expertise. 

We keep up with the changes in cleaning and disinfection standards and technology as set out by Centers For Disease Control, OSHA, State (Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland) and local authorities, as well as our active participation in cleaning industry organizations.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services

We service national security contractors with millions of square feet to small clinics of a few thousand square feet.

Your Customized Cleaning Plan

Your 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are committed to our community and true to our profession of ensuring health and safety for the customers we serve.

Being clean and safe is more critical than ever and has a real impact of our lives. We stay up to date on national, state and local guidelines and follow them for your safety. It’s our commitment and guarantee to you, since 1978.

We Have The Right Commercial Cleaning Professionals

Our High Employee Retention means you will have a familiar face, professionals trained in our cleaning systems, and consistent quality.

All full time and part time employees receive wages, benefits, and training considerably above minimum. We take care of our colleagues and that is why we enjoy a high employee retention rate. The motivation and trust helps us provide a consistent exceptional cleaning and disinfection service to you as our customer.

Every team member is pre-screened and rigorously trained in the use of green cleaning products, our professional cleaning process, and efficient use of our cleaning equipment.

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Mark Lineberry, President

Call me for cleaning and disinfection advice or a quote. Looking forward to talk.

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