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Specialized & Affordable Church Cleaning Services Since 1978.

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Janitorial Services For Your Church

Universal Janitorial Services has been providing exceptional cleaning and janitorial services to churches, temples, and any other kind of religious facility, in Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland and surrounding areas, since 1978.

A religious facility is more than just a place of worship. People come to pay their respect in a place where they can come together as a community. An exemplary clean church, is important and a representation of the community.

We have created a specialized cleaning service that delivers the confidence of a pristine looking, sparkling clean, and fresh-smelling religious institution for more than 40 years.

You will receive a custom cleaning plan, an efficient, systematized and proven cleaning service by our consistant team of cleaning professionals.

We know that by caring for our colleagues, providing great compensation, benefits, and specialized training, provides a significant better and consistant service for our customers … YOU … and that is our purpose.

Our Service

Custom Church Cleaning Service

Competitive Pricing & Custom Cleaning Plan

Your church serves the community for many different religious events by hundreds or thousands of community members which places a need for flexibility in your cleaning schedule. We are accustomed to that and ready to serve your need for flexibility and a spotless church.

A custom cleaning plan will translate into a custom cleaning checklist, for our professional cleaning team. The cleaning checklist is long and specifies environmentally and green cleaning products, equipment, schedule, and cleaning specialist crew.

This is how we ensure exceptional quality and your satisfaction.

We can competitively price any of our services on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis, depending on what works best for you.

The Right Cleaning Specialists For Your Church Facility

Our cleaning professionals and their motivation are very important to us and our customers. We have a unique team of highly skilled cleaning professionals and management with more than 100 years of combined experience in cleaning religious facilities.

Each professional cleaning specialists are members of their own religious communities and naturally respects the sacred atmosphere of your church or religious institution.

Your 100% Satisfaction Guaranty

Trust, safety, and a clean church is our commitment to you, it’s what we have been doing exceptionally well since 1978.

If there is an event that requires immediate cleaning, a dispute, or other extraordinary circumstances, give us a call. We will go the extra mile to ensure the satisfaction for both you and your congregation.

We emphasize building successful long-term client relationships built on quick response, understanding, and delivering what we promise. It’s the reason why 90% of our new clients come through referrals.

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Church Janitorial Resources

Definitive Church Cleaning Checklist & Guidelines [Checklist]

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Definitive Church Cleaning Checklist & Guidelines [Checklist] Use this Church cleaning checklist and cleaning system, to get your church ready before families and children step into your facilities, use the nursery or restrooms. High quality