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We Offer Electrostatic Disinfection Service & Trained Professional Cleaners To Eliminate Spread Of Germs & Viruses on High-Touch Areas and Hard-To-Reach Surfaces.

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Electrostatic Disinfection Services

We provide the professional disinfection service you are looking for high quality regular disinfection or urgent disinfection following a suspected occurrence of Covid-19 in your facilities.

We ONLY use EPA approved disinfectant for proven EFFICIENCY and your SAFETY.


What is Electrostatic Disinfection?

The electrostatic disinfection sprayer is used to apply disinfectants and sanitizers to 3D surfaces for a 360-degree complete disinfection. Electrostatic disinfection technology is familiar technology used in facilities where mold or bacteria outbreak has been confirmed or suspected, but an equally effective way to eliminate germs and viruses.

Important: Disinfection should always be done AFTER regular janitorial cleaning, to ensure an efficient elimination for germs and viruses, such as COVID-19.

Electrostatic disinfection can be used in any public or commercial facility: office facilities, schools, churches, medical offices, fitness centers, industrial facilities, and healthcare facilities.

Our Electrostatic Disinfection System

Our electrostatic disinfection system provides significantly faster disinfection at a reduced cost to your janitorial service budget.

Electrostatic disinfection Sprayer
Electrostatic Disinfection Team

How Does Electrostatic Cleaning Work?

When the electrically charged particles leave the nozzle (positive charge) of the electrostatic sprayer, it allows the disinfectant to wrap around and evenly coat all types of surfaces (negative charge) for a 360 degree complete uniform coverage. As the chemical exits the electrostatic sprayer, it is given a positive electrical charge. The droplets then become attracted to all available negative charged surfaces, covering the visible area, underside and backside, with the disinfecting agent.

Electrostatic Disinfection Service - How It Works

What Disinfectants Should Be Used?

Only use EPA approved disinfectants which have been tested and documented to eliminate SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). Do NOT accept to use other products that are recommended by EPA (List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)) and CDC (CDC Alternative disinfectants).

How To Prepare The Spray Area

  1. START with regular cleaning BEFORE starting the disinfection treatment.
  2. Secure equipment and consider removing paper products from the area to be treated.
  3. Ensure that individuals without PPE protective suits are not present in the area when treatment starts.

We follow the updated guidelines of cleaning and disinfection from Centers For Disease Control.

How long before I can go in?

Dry time on the disinfectant and protectant is a matter of minutes, depending on conditions. However, for safety reasons, we ask that you wait one hour to ensure all surfaces are dry, especially floors.

What is the difference between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting?

Cleaning is the removal of debris such as organic and inorganic material (often called “soil”) from objects and surfaces. Sanitizing is the reduction, not killing, of organisms on a surface. Disinfecting will “kill” the microscopic organisms on a surface .

What is the difference between misting, fogging, spray/wipe and electrostatic disinfecting?

Misting and fogging systems deliver very small droplets that are blown out and deposit on surfaces in the direction of the spraying and the effect of gravity, which may result in uneven coverage.

Manual spray and wipe methods are time consuming, labour intensive and provide the least consistent coverage.

Electrostatic spraying delivers charged droplets that are actively attracted to surfaces, including the back sides and crevices of surfaces regardless of the direction of spray for complete wrap-around disinfection coverage.

Professional Cleaning & Disinfection

Keeping our customers, our community, en colleagues safe is a priority for us and help us constant develop our cleaning and disinfection  system. Our commercial disinfection service is build on a simple premise, that cleaning always comes before disinfecting. Disinfection is only efficient an amble to remove 99% of germs and viruses after a quality cleaning. As a professional commercial cleaning service, we are able to offer you the professional staff, fully trained to handle the disinfection equipment, and disinfectants needed for an effective and safe electrostatic disinfection service.

Commercial Disinfection Services

Commercial Cleaning

We help you with safe and clean facilities by delivering exceptional cleaning quality and efficiency at an attractive price.

Custom Cleaning Plan

We will provide you with a professional, trained cleaning service, a custom cleaning plan, and help you identify areas of risk that you should improve and areas where you can save on your cleaning cost.

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Cleaning & Disinfection

A cleaning, deep cleaning, disinfection, and sanitizing system that remove germ risks and give you the peace of mind for your facility.

Cleaning, Disinfection & Sanitizing

Our continuous investment in, professional staff, training, equipment helps keep your location safe. You get 40 years of cleaning and disinfection expertise at your disposal.

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Need Urgent Disinfection?

You have a suspicion or confirmed case of infection in your facilities. We provide immediate disinfection and sanitzing services.

Urgent Disinfection

Immediate reaction to any suspicious or confirmed case of virus infection is part of good response practice. We offer a disinfection system to give you immediate results and peace of mind.

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