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Our Commercial Floor Cleaning Service

We provide professional and systematized service of commercial floor cleaning, refinishing, resurfacing, and disinfection of all hard surface floors, carpet, wood, vinyl, ceramic and concrete floors. Professional floor cleaning, vacuuming, refinishing and disinfection provide you with the most clean and safe environment to help ensure your business’ ongoing operations and growth.

Types Of Commercial Flooring We Clean & Maintain

Different types of flooring requires different types of cleaning and care and the system for cleaning the floors in a restroom is very different from that used on a tile floor in the reception area.


Stone & Slate



Stone & Slate


How We Clean Commercial Floors

As a commercial cleaning company in operation for more than 40 years, we have a floor cleaning, care, and disinfection system for each type of floor. In combination with our specialized floor cleaning system we use specialist equipment to maximise efficiency and achieve a high quality finish; this includes machine scrubbing, machine polishing, powder polishing and the vitrification of marble floors. We carefully select the required cleaning products, correct application methods, and equipment to ensure optimum cleaning results, care and efficiency.

Green vacuum cleaning

Environmental Friendly

As an eco-friendly floor cleaning company we emphasize using green backpack vacuum cleaners. Our green vacuum cleaners are more environmental, have more effective organic filters (filter 99.9% of airborne particles), and very gentle on particularly carpet surfaces. Your floor surfaces will be cleaner and no particles in the air caused by vacuum cleaning.

All of the products we use are EPA approved and equipment and materials are supplied by us in all cleaning locations.

We deliver professional floor cleaning services in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland for all industries.

Customizable Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

If your floors or carpets require special cleaning and care because of the nature of your building and the purpose it serves, the type of cleaning your flooring requires, please contact us for a suggested customized cleaning plan.

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