Specialized & Affordable Medical Office Cleaning Services since 1978.

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Expert Cleaning Services for Hospitals, Clinics & Medical Offices.

Universal Janitorial Services have provided medical office cleaning services since 1978, and consistently lived up to the quality standards in healthcare cleaning required of a commercial cleaning service.

Eliminate your need for oversight, follow-up and management of keeping your hospital and medical facilities clean, we are here to manage and deliver an exceptional cleaning service, it what has kept us successful since 1978, and we do it well.

“The cleaner” should be “invisible” and the result “exceptional”, consistently.

We have a relentless focus on high quality cleaning services and investment in our employees. These principles and actions have blessed us with happy customers that have stayed with us for decades.

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Who We Service

Competitive Pricing & Medical Grade Cleaning Program

We will create your custom cleaning plan together, just the way you want it. Our plan will translate into a custom cleaning checklist, which specifies cleaning products, equipment, schedule, and healthcare cleaning specialist crew.

Cleaning Plan

You need a professional cleaning team that can provide the service that fit your long opening hours, serving hundreds of patients, and requires no follow-up on your side, right?

Cleaning Frequency

The nature of your specific healthcare facilities determines the cleaning frequency and the flexibility we are required to accommodate, in order to provide a high quality and convenient cleaning service. Together, we will work out the details of the cleaning plan.

Green Cleaning

We are using green cleaning products as extensively possible because they meet and exceed the efficiency of alternative cleaning products, while providing a significantly more healthy environment for patients and staff.

Competitive Pricing

We can competitively price any of our services on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis, depending on what works best for our customers.

We’ve Got the Specially Trained Medical Cleaning Team

We care for our employees, our friends, by providing them with wage and benefits, and programs considerably above the minimum, for both full-time and part-time colleagues. Consequently, we have a very high employee retention rate. The motivation and trust, helps us provide a consistent exceptional service to you as our customer, and deliver the best healthcare and medical office cleaning services in the Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia areas.

Each employee is pre-screened and put through frequent rigorous training. Our uniforms and clearly visible ID cards, helps everyone to identify our friendly janitors anywhere in your facilities. We are proud to have created a very loyal and dedicated team of cleaning professionals that we care deeply for and provide a variety of excellent benefits and programs.

The end result for customers is maximum employee consistency and dependable cleaning services, time and time again.

Your Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed

Trust, safety, and a clean school is our commitment to you, it’s what we have been doing exceptionally well since 1978.

If there is an event that requires immediate cleaning, a dispute, or other extraordinary conditions, give us a call. We are known to go the extra mile and get our customers out of a jam, even on weekends.

We have a well-known reputation for providing exceptional customer service. We emphasize building successful long-term client relationships built on prompt response time, trust, and understanding. It’s the reason why 90% of our new clients come through referrals.

We are committed to your satisfaction.

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