We Are Experts In High Quality Commercial Cleaning Services for Commercial Facilities And Offices in Washington DC, Northern Virginia & Maryland.

Universal Janitorial Services, Inc. Has Been Providing Professional Commercial Cleaning Services for Local Businesses, National Security Contractors, Government Agencies, Banks, and Insurance Companies in Washington DC & Northern Virginia, Since 1978.

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A Higher Standard Of Office Cleaning Service

We are the preferred office cleaners for political and lobbying organizations, national security contractors, government agencies, banks, and financial services companies.

Universal Janitorial provides cleaning services, with added level of security, for both commercial and government organizations, in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland.

High Quality Office Cleaning With Our Continuous Improvement Cleaning Process

Our +44 years of experience in commercial cleaning services we have developed a continuous improvement cleaning service that delivers raving reviews.

  • Review and feedback from co-workers and customers
  • Continuous improvement of both training and cleaning process, at your facilities
  • Quality control to ensure measurable improvement in cleaning quality

We are cleaning a lot of Office Buildings in Washington DC and Virginia

On a weekly bases we clean more than 1 mill. sqft of commercial office facilities, government buildings, and employ more than 80 professional cleaners, and proud to be able to deliver a commercial cleaning service that is truly making a difference on the health and safety of our local businesses. It helps our community to keep growing.

Office Cleaning Services in Washington DC

Universal Janitorial Service’s customer base stay with us for +12 years on average, and 15 of our customers we have served since our start in 1978.

Picture of office being cleaned in Washington DC

Custom Cleaning Of Your Office Building

The cleaning service requirements for your type of commercial, building, or shared work space, will vary but Universal Janitorial Services can provide you with the custom cleaning services that fits your needs.

A custom office cleaning plan that delivers an exceptional office experience

The size of your office building, the number of employees and visitors, and other factors will all play a role in how often you need to clean. Your office cleaning requirements will vary dependent on

  • The size of your facility and work space
  • The amount of people in your building
  • If you receive clients and customers in your facilities

At Universal Janitorial Services, we building maintenance and clean all types of office space across many different industries in the Washington DC and Northern Virginia areas, including:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Medical facilities
  • Attorney and law offices
  • Bank & insurance offices
  • Education administration offices
  • Industrial and manufacturing offices

Friendly and Professional Office Cleaners

A professional and friendly team of cleaning experts is essential to the success and experience of the cleaning service you and your employees experience.

We Have Customers We Have Served For 44 Years

We have customers that we have served for more than 44 years, so we are experienced in providing excellent customer service.

Our professionalism comes from years of experience, as a commercial cleaning company. A formalized process, including continuous training in our effective, planning, cleaning process, correct use of cleaning products, use of equipment, and facilitating a friendly spirit while servicing your facilities.

You will always know when we enter your premises by the uniform we wear, and clear identity tags we carry.

Cleaning business office building in fairfax va
Our cleaning quality and control UJS Inc

Consistent High Quality Cleaning

At Universal Janitorial Services, we have formalized our commercial cleaning service quality and quality control into three parts, our “TRIfecta”, a quality system unique among commercial cleaning companies.

Our training, certifications, and cleaning software helps us deliver consistent high quality commercial cleaning services that score high on customer satisfaction.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services

Our janitorial service is specified in your custom cleaning plan and can be modified for frequency (daily, weekly and monthly), and by area, to suit your needs and budget for your commercial property. We live by high standards and will create a custom cleaning plan that fits you.

General Cleaning

We clean all suites, reception, lobby, general areas, furniture, computers, water coolers, empty waste-baskets. Polish railings, doors and other wood surfaces.

Floor Cleaning

Universal’s floor cleaning services include carpet cleaning services, vacuuming & carpet shampooing. Vacuum & mop hard floor surfaces, refinish / wax floors. Thoroughly vacuum and mop full surface area of the stairs, elevators, floors, handrails,  floors

Window Cleaning

Our team will clean all windows and glass of any size or height. We use the right window cleaning equipment, ladders, lifts and comply with OSHA safety standards.

Restrooms Cleaning

Sweep and wet mop or scrub floors with a cleanser-disinfectant. Clean, sanitize and polish all surfaces of fixtures, including toilets, urinals, sinks, mirrors. Clean/ replenish all dispensers, with liquid hand soap, toilet tissue, and paper towels.

Kitchen Cleaning

Sweep, mop or vacuum full-floor areas in kitchen, break rooms and vending areas. Clean and sanitize all counter-tops, refrigerators, microwave ovens, dishwashers, sinks, faucets, coffee machines, vending machines.


High dusting helps indoor air quality, and reduce the risk of allergies. We dust above cabinets, shelves, all horizontal surface in offices, reception, kitchen, and common areas. We are trained in OSHA safety regulations and the use of ladders and lifts to ensure our and your safety when high dusting.

Garbage Removal

Removal of garbage and replacing liners in offices, reception, meeting rooms, break out rooms, kitchen, and our door trash containers belonging to your facilities.

Deep Clean

Deep cleaning services includes emptying and cleaning inside cabinets, appliances, thorough dusting, duct cleaning, cleaning of drapes, blinds, windowsills, detailed restroom cleaning and sanitizing.

Cleaning & Disinfection

Cleaning and disinfecting phones, computers, control panels of copiers, elevators, door handles, light switches, glass doors, tables, counter tops, cabinet doors, vending machines, water coolers.

Green Cleaning services offering for office buildings in dc

Green Cleaning Services

96% Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

We follow EPA’s “Designed For the Environment” guidelines and EPA “Safer Chemicals List” and EPA approved disinfectants because “green chemistry” are equally or more efficient, and better for the environment.

Green Vacuum Cleaners

Our green vacuum cleaners carry the Carpet & Rug Institute seal of approval for low energy consumption, filtering efficiency, noise levels, lower wear on carpets.

We deliver high quality cleaning services, health and safety, with the environment in mind.

Cleaning and disinfection at office building in DC

Cleaning & Disinfection Services

Keeping our employees, customers, and community safe from viruses and bacteria is a priority for us and why we constant develop our disinfection services.

Our team of professional cleaning experts are all trained and certified in efficient and safe use of disinfectants and how to handle our electrostatic disinfection sprayers.

We only use EPA approved disinfectants (List N: Disinfectants for Coronavirus (COVID-19) to eliminate 99% of germs and viruses.

We strictly adhere to the CDC guidelines that suggest cleaning before disinfecting. Effective disinfection requires a quality cleaning before disinfection in order to remove 99% of germs and viruses.

IMPORTANT: Disinfection should always be done AFTER regular janitorial cleaning, to ensure an efficient elimination for germs and viruses

Cleaning Quality & Quality Control

Together with you, we will specify your specific need for custom cleaning services to ensure you get the cleaning quality and price you want.

Once we add your custom cleaning plan in our janitorial system, our professional cleaners will access it when they arrive at your facilities. After opening your cleaning plan, they know step-by-step what areas needs to be cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized.

We will know exactly which of our team members is cleaning your facilities at any given time track the amount of our cleaning supplies available in your facilities.

Quality control in commercial cleaning services
Commercial Cleaning Communication App

Easy & Instant Communication

If you notice a spill or stain in your office building that needs our attention, or perhaps you need extra disinfection following an event in your building. You can send us a message along with a picture, via our app on your phone, and you will be notified when it’s done … no need to wait until you are at the computer to send an email.

You get access to our cleaning app for easy communication and follow up on everything that relates to your facilities. One place for all communication.

Areas We Serve

District of Columbia

  • Washington DC


  • Bethesda, MD
  • Rockville, MD


  • Alexandria VA
  • Arlington VA
  • Centerville VA
  • Chantilly VA
  • Fairfax VA
  • Manassas VA
  • McLean VA
  • Reston VA
  • Springfield VA
  • Sterling VA
  • Tysons VA

Trained & Certified Cleaning Professionals

Our highly skilled team of cleaning professionals are led by a management team with +100 years of combined experience in commercial cleaning services.

How We Achieve Excellence

Our professional cleaners are trained and certified in commercial cleaning, sanitizing, disinfection, and specific cleaning standards, via our membership in national commercial cleaning organizations; ISSAGBAC.

  • Continuous training of our cleaning staff in the effective and appropriate use of cleaning products and cleaning equipment.
  • Every cleaning team member is trained in OSHA safety standards to ensure their own and your safety.
  • Frequent training of both cleaning team and supervisory personnel on floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, cleaning safety and OSHA regulations
  • Participation in training provided by national and local cleaning associations, cleaning supply partners, and equipment manufactures.

We Care For Our Clients & Professional Cleaners

We care for our employees, our friends, by providing them with wage and benefits, and programs considerably above the minimum, for both full-time and part-time cleaners. That is why we have a very high employee retention rate.

Universal Janitorial Team of office cleaning professionals

What Our Customer Say …

“The Professional Development Staff has noticed a definite improvement in the cleanliness of the building. We appreciate the time and effort to put into keeping our building in great shape”.

Rosalie, US Department of Agriculture

“I would like to tell you how much of an improvement the janitorial services have been since Universal Janitorial Services, Inc. has been cleaning suite 700. I wanted you to know that everyone is pleased with the service and attention given to their individual offices. Thank you.”

Adele, Short-term Office Leasing (HQ)

“This note is to make certain you are aware that Mr. Tony Rivas and his colleagues have, at no time, provided anything less than outstanding cleaning services. At all times, Mr. Rivas has maintained the utmost level of professionalism and competence.

President, Environmental publication
Mark Lineberry, President

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