School Cleaning Services Is Our Specialty


Your local and specialized school cleaning services company in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

We have been providing specialized school cleaning services for educational facilities, K-12 schools, and day care centers, in Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland, since 1978.

Specialized School Cleaning Services

With Universal Janitorial Services, you get access to trained and certified commercial cleaning professionals to ensure the cleanliness, health and safety of your school and nursery.

We have been cleaning and sanitizing educational facilities, K-12 schools and day care centers in Washington DC and Northern Virginia since 1978, and been delivering professional electrostatic disinfection since 2020.

Your school and day care center is at the center of your community and we understand that high quality cleaning, disinfection and quality inspection, is a center piece of keeping your school a safe and healthy environment.

We can provide you with +40 years of experience, as well developed school cleaning service system, quality inspection, and easy communication with Universal Janitorial Services via our smartphone app, within our cleaning system, so you can communicate with us real time.

School Cleaning Services - Professional cleaners at School in Virginia
Our team of professional cleaners at school in Northern Virginia
Download Our School Cleaning Services Checklist
Our School Cleaning Services Checklist

Our School Cleaning & Disinfection Guide

If you want to see the basis of our specialty in School Cleaning Services, which we use as a basis for creating your custom school cleaning plan, you can download it here.


Our Specialized School Cleaning Services

Our school cleaning services specialization consist of our +40 years of school cleaning experience, the CDC school and childcare cleaning and disinfection recommendations. These are our principles along with a digital version of your custom cleaning plan that our team have access to via their smartphone, and use when cleaning your facilities, and for our quality inspection as well.

Classroom cleaning

Cleaning all classrooms, offices, computer libraries, hallways, general areas, furniture, surfaces, computers, water coolers, empty waste-baskets. Clean and disinfect all drinking fountains. Clean ceilings, grilles, rafters, diffusers, and high surfaces within the school.

Restroom cleaning

Clean, sanitize and polish all bathroom stalls, surfaces of fixtures, toilets, urinals, sinks, commodes, mirrors. Clean all dispensers and replenish as necessary,
including liquid hand soap, toilet tissue, and paper towels.

Halls, Stairwells & Elevators

Stairways, railings, landings, elevator floors, and operating panels are cleaned daily, damp mopped, and the handrails washed. Water fountains, vending machines, entry doors and handles are cleaned and sanitized.

Sports facilities

Cleaning indoor sports floors, gym facilities. Cleaning and disinfecting gym equipment, shower, and bathroom facilities. Sweep and mop all floors, equipment, and general areas.

Kitchen Cleaning

Sweep, mop or vacuum full-floor areas in kitchen, break rooms and vending areas. Clean and sanitize all counter-tops including coffee/food areas
and vending machines.

Floor Cleaning & Refinish

Thoroughly dust mop bare floors and vacuum carpeted areas using vacuum cleaners. Buff out any marks or scratches on the tile floor.  Strip and wax floors on a
schedule directed by the school.

Electrostatic Disinfection Spraying Washington DC

Our Disinfection Services

Our team of professional cleaners are all trained and certified in the use of electrostatic disinfection equipment, and disinfectants.

We only use disinfectants approved and listed on EPA’s list of “Certified Disinfectants”.

We always cleaning before disinfecting, as recommended by the CDC guidelines. Tests show that disinfection is only efficient and able to remove 99% of germs and viruses after a quality cleaning. It is our principle, the guidelines of CDC, and for your health and safety.

Green Cleaning Washington DC

96% Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning Products – We follow EPA’s “Designed For the Environment” guidelines and EPA “Safer Chemicals List” and EPA approved disinfectants, because “green chemistry” are equally or more efficient, and better for the environment.

Certified Green Vacuum Cleaners – Our green vacuum cleaners carry the Carpet & Rug Institute seal of approval for low energy consumption, filtering efficiency, noise levels, lower wear on carpets and more.

We deliver high quality commercial cleaning services, safety, and a green mindset.

Quality In Cleaning & Inspection Control

After our walk-through of your school facilities, we will prepare your customized cleaning plan to ensure you get the cleaning quality and price you want.

Your custom cleaning plan will be added to our cleaning system, where our professional cleaners will access it via their mobile before they start the cleaning process at your facilities. So we always know what areas needs to be cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized at any point in time.

Commercial Cleaning Services cleaning App
Commercial Cleaning Services Communication App

Easy Communication Via Your Phone

If you need extra cleaning or smaller changes, it can be easily communicated to our cleaning team immediately via our mobile app directly from your phone.

Say you just noticed a spill in the office or library, which has left a stain that need attention, or perhaps you need extra cleaning following an event in the hallways. Just send us a message, add a picture, via our app on your phone, and you will be notified when it’s done … quick and easy.

All our customers get access to our cleaning app for easy communication and follow up on everything that relates to your facilities. One place for all communication.

Our Cleaning Quality Control TRIfecta

At Universal Janitorial Services, we have formalized our cleaning quality into three parts “TRIfecta”:

  1. Cleaning Training & Process
  2. Quality Inspection, and
  3. ATP Testing.

Our training, certifications, and cleaning software helps us deliver consistant high quality commercial cleaning services that scores high on customer satisfaction.

Quality Control

Trained & Certified Professionals

Our team are all trained and certified in cleaning, sanitizing, disinfection, via our membership in national commercial cleaning organizations; BSCAI, ISSAGBAC, and our own gym cleaning standards for fitness and gym facilities.

Every cleaning team member is trained in OSHA safety standards to ensure their own and your safety.

School Cleaning Team in Northern Virginia
Our team at a school in Northern Virginia

What Our Customers Say …

“The Professional Development Staff has noticed a definite improvement in the cleanliness of the building. We appreciate the time and effort to put into keeping our building in great shape”.

Rosalie, US Department of Agriculture

“I would like to tell you how much of an improvement the janitorial services have been since Universal Janitorial Services, Inc. has been cleaning suite 700. I wanted you to know that everyone is pleased with the service and attention given to their individual offices. Thank you.”

Adele, Short-term Office Leasing (HQ)

“This note is to make certain you are aware that Mr. Tony Rivas and his colleagues have, at no time, provided anything less than outstanding cleaning services. At all times, Mr. Rivas has maintained the utmost level of professionalism and competence.

President, Environmental publication
Mark Lineberry, President

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