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Specialized & Affordable School Cleaning & Disinfection System & Quality Control. Let Us Help You Get Higher Cleaning Quality For Less.

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School Cleaning Services

As parents, we are all extremely selective about where we send our children to school when given a choice. We are deeply concerned about the cleanliness of the educational facilities where our kids will be spending hours every day. We understand the importance of a clean school environment for the students, teachers, and parents.

We have been providing school cleaning and janitorial services to a large number of schools, pre-schools, universities, learning centers, and day cares in Virginia, Washington DC and Metropolitan areas, since 1978.

A clean school is a representation of your name in the eyes of parents, students, and staff. We are committed to our responsibility of providing the highest quality commercial cleaning services to ensures health, safety, and a sparkling impression of your school.

We have created an exceptional cleaning service that delivers the confidence of clean, sanitized, fresh, and sparling school for more than 40 years.

School Cleaning Checklist

The Definitive School Cleaning & Disinfection Guide

Download our school cleaning and disinfection guide for safe and high quality cleaning of your educational institution.


Our School Cleaning Services

Our School Cleaning Services

Competitive Pricing & Custom Cleaning Plan

Your school’s many facilities serves different purposes, at different hours, and used by a large number of students. We can accommodate any scenario with our customized cleaning schedule, frequency. and area-specific cleaning needs to ensure spotless classrooms, general areas, bathrooms, canteen, offices, and indoor sports facilities

A custom and advanced cleaning plan will translate into a custom cleaning checklist, which specifies cleaning products, equipment, schedule, and cleaning specialist crew.

This is how we ensure exceptional quality and your satisfaction.

We can competitively price any of our services on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis, depending on what works best for our customers.

The Right Janitors for Your School

Our cleaning professionals, are trained specialists in our proprietary system and cleaning process specific to schools. Since our start in 1978 we have refined our school cleaning checklist, cleaning process, use of the right equipment, and application of eco-friendly cleaning products. Our school cleaning system is essential to our success of ensuring quality, efficiency, and happy customers.

Each employee is pre-screened and put through frequent rigorous training. Our uniforms and clearly visible ID cards, helps everyone to identify our friendly janitors anywhere on the campus. We are proud to have created a very loyal and dedicated team of cleaning professionals that we care deeply for and provide a variety of excellent benefits and programs.

The end result for customers is maximum employee consistency and dependable commercial cleaning services, time and time again.

Your Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed

Trust, safety, and a clean school is our commitment to you, it’s what we have been doing exceptionally well since 1978.

If there is an event that requires immediate cleaning, a dispute, or other extraordinary conditions, give us a call. We are known to go the extra mile and get our customers out of a jam, even on weekends.

We are rocognized for providing exceptional customer service. We emphasize building successful long-term client relationships built on prompt response time, trust, and understanding. It’s the reason why 90% of our new clients come through referrals.

We are committed to your satisfaction.

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Cleaning Journal

We offer our thoughts and experiences to your from our decades of experience in school cleaning services. We keep you updated on guidelines and the value of cleaning and disinfection.