Bishop Ireton High School

Fairfax, VA

Bishop Ireton High School

Bishop Ireton High School, a Roma Catholic high school, situated in Alexandria VA has been a valued customer since 2000, where Universal Janitorial Services provide comprehensive range of cleaning services, including general cleaning, floor cleaning, commercial kitchen cleaning, and disinfecting services.

“A Higher Standard In Commercial Cleaning” – Universal Janitorial Services, Inc.

Client since 2014

Universal has been the exclusive cleaning company for Brown Academy since 2014.

84,000 sq.ft.

Maintaining a clean and pristine appearance of 55,000 sqft across multiple facilities.

Weekly cleaning

Daily cleaning 5 days a week during the school year.

Custom Plan

Cleaning team is guided by UJS’s strict cleaning protocol to ensure high cleaning standards.


We provide daily cleaning, with some occasional weekends, utilizing a staff of 5. We provide ongoing cleaning and specialty floor work for their commercial kitchen and all of their stripping and waxing and carpet cleaning.



Universal Janitorial Services are humbled by the client reference that caused Bishop Ireton High School to reach out, as they were looking for higher cleaning standards. Bishop Ireton High School has remained a client since 2000.

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