Green Acres School

We’ve been serving Green Acres School, in for over 20 years now. Green Acres School is a private K-8 school located in Rockville, that Universal Janitorial Services, Inc. has worked relentlessly at to meet and exceed expectations of higher cleaning standards. We are priveledged to still be serving Green Acres for +20 years (since 2002).

“A Higher Standard In Commercial Cleaning” – Universal Janitorial Services, Inc.

Client for 20 years

Universal has been the exclusive cleaning company for Green Acres since 2002.

84,000 sq.ft.

Maintaining a clean and pristine appearance of 84,000 sqft in 6 locations.

Weekly cleaning

Daily cleaning 5 days a week during the school year.

Custom Plan

Cleaning team is guided by UJS’s strict cleaning protocol to ensure quality.


Green Acres School is located in Rockville, with several school buildings distributed over 15 acres of land. Part of the facilities is rented by Diener School, and Universal provides the exclusive cleaning of all facilities.

The challenge of Green Acres was to create and execute on a cleaning plan that could avoid interference with students class schedule across two independent schools, and eliminate idle time of the cleaning crew in order to ensure efficiency and minimize cost.


Cleaning is carefully planned to not interfere with classes, so Universal created a custom cleaning plan that would plan cleaning of each area in accordance with class schedules, across multiple buildings and two different schools.

Universal Janitorial Services are providing general cleaning, on going facility maintenance, and a strict cleaning and. disinfecting program to ensure the health and safety of students, staff, and the community.


Universal has been the exclusive cleaning partner for Green Acres School since 2002.

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