Guest Services, Inc.

Fairfax, va

Guest Services, Inc.

Universal Janitorial Services’s high-end cleaning expertise is perfectly suited for Guest Services, Inc- in Fairfax, VA. Guest Service’s provide hospitality services for luxury communities, hotels, and senior living facilities. Upholding their gold standard of “enhanced cleaning standards” requires a cleaning company with standards above and beyond those, to ensure the continuous satisfaction and fulfilment of expectations.

“A Higher Standard In Commercial Cleaning” – Universal Janitorial Services, Inc.

Visitor Rating

We measure quality by increase in visitor ratings.

45,000 sq.ft.

Maintaining a clean and pristine appearance of 25,000 sqft at all hours.

7 days a week

Cleaning 7 days a week during all opening hours 9:00am – 10:00pm.

Custom Plan

Cleaning team is guided by strict cleaning protocol to ensure quality.


Guest Services provides hospitality services for facilities throughout the US, especially for government clients, and high quality cleaning with no need for management follow up is a fundamental requirement, for brand perception and contract continuation.


Universal Janitorial Services provide cleaning 7 days a week of Guest Services 45,000 sqft. HQ in Fairfax, including general and specialized cleaning, and frequent floor cleaning, such as carpet cleaning, stripping and waxing.


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