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Let’s face it: you have better things to do.

The last thing you want to worry about is your office, or even worry about what others think of your office. Whether you have a commercial cleaning company in there now or you are cleaning your office in house, let Universal Janitorial Services do the heavy work for you.

10 Reasons For Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service For Your Facility Cleaning And Disinfection:

Less Stick Men

Do What You Do Best

Turn back the clock by just over 500 years. You’re commissioned to paint the “The Last Supper” in the Sistine Chapel, but you’re not a professional. How would that ceiling look? I can tell you with great clarity that ceiling would have a lot of stick figures in it, at best. Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company brings in experience, the right cleaning supplies, the best cleaning equipment, and the most efficient cleaning process. There’s no doubt that some office staff can clean amazingly well. But is that the best use of their talents and abilities?

Reduced Germs & Viruses

Lower germs, reduce allergies, and lower your sick days

Hiring a company like Universal Janitorial Services will lower germs, reduce allergies, and lower your sick days. Within a square inch, there are likely tens of thousands of germs, including viruses, mold, bacteria, and fungi. A qualified commercial cleaning services company will reduce those germs making your space much safer. Cleaning will also reduce the number of allergens within your office that naturally get unwittingly carried in on clothes and shoes, or even by opening the door. Universal uses only vacuums with HEPA filters and filtered bags to keep the dust from blowing out of the vacuum. Lower germs and lower pollutants mean lower sick days and a cleaner and safer office.

More productivity

Higher Productivity

A cleaner office increases productivity. Instead of your office staff focusing on the mess or dirty surfaces, they can now focus on doing what they need to do for your organization. Cleaning would be one less worry.

Happy work environment

More Happiness & Less Stress

A clean office promotes overall happiness and reduces stress. Think about your office. Have you ever received a complaint from a staff member? Why waste time worrying about cleaning when you can focus on the needs of your business instead?

Clean and safe facilities

Cleaner & Safer

Hiring a professional cleaner will reduce hazards and make your workspace safer. A commercial cleaning company, like Universal Janitorial Services, would know how to eliminate pitfalls within your office, like slippery floors, and reduce the likelihood of accidents or hazards.

Better trust and branding

A Clean Office Improves Your Brand

A clean office improves your brand. Ever go to Disney World? Former CEO Bob Iger gave an interview talking about cleaning within their park. The concept of “it’s not my job” doesn’t apply. If a cast member is walking along, and sees trash on the ground, no matter their position, they pick it up. The result? An always clean park and that reflects on large part to their brand. Hiring a professional cleaning company will improve your brand too. Your office will appear more professional.

Save your time and money

Save Time & Money

Hiring a cleaning company will save you time and money. It’ll save you time because you can now divert any staff cleaning there now to do other tasks. Or, you can save money because now you don’t have to pay extra for employment taxes, supplies, wages, workmen’s comp, benefits, and so many more.

Lower cleaning cost and better quality

Reduced Maintenance Costs

A clean office will lower your maintenance costs. You’ll be in a position to spot problem areas sooner, like leaks or even pests. That’ll save you money in the long run.

Happier coworkers

Happy Work Environment

Your co-workers will be happy seeing a cleaner office. Ever have that one job with the co-worker with the overfilled trash cans or waste on top of the desk? How does that make you feel when you visit that person? Good? Not-so-good? A cleaning service can fix that.

Less time spend on cleaning

Less Time Spend On Cleaning

A regular cleaning plan means that you are spending less time cleaning it in the future. The more often the office is cleaned, then less it needs to be cleaned the next day. Conversely, an office only cleaned once per month, will take longer to clean. Universal can help you with your cleaning needs and come up with a plan to save you time.

A Higher Standard Of Commercial Cleaning Services

If you are looking for office cleaning services for you office building in Washington DC, Virginia, or Maryland area. Let’s talk and schedule a walk-though of your office building.

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