10 reasons to hire a commercial cleaning company

10 Reasons To Hire a Professional Cleaning Company

Let’s face it: you have better things to do. The last thing you want to worry about is your office, or even worry about what others think of your office. Whether you have a commercial cleaning company in there now or you are cleaning your office in house, let Universal Janitorial Services do the heavy work for you. 10 Reasons For Hiring … Read More


Why Does Green Cleaning Service Matter In Commercial Cleaning?

In any workplace, it is well known that cleaning is going to have to take place regularly. However, when you hire a janitorial company it is important to make sure that they are only providing you with green cleaning services. This is important not only for environmental reasons but health concerns arise when eco-friendly products are NOT used. Therefore, today we will … Read More

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How To Evaluate Your Commercial Cleaning Company

At Universal Janitorial Services, we’re often asked about our policies, whether they are about securing your property, cleaning your facility, or maintaining quality standards, so we thought it might be interesting to explore the different aspects of what to look for when choosing a commercial cleaning company. Here are a couple of items to think about, and we’ll offer more in our … Read More