The Thirteenth Annual Antimicrobial Workshop

The Thirteenth Annual Antimicrobial Workshop – Summary

The Thirteenth Annual Antimicrobial Workshop is an ongoing event that started in March 24th., 2021. It’s presented by the American Chemistry Council Center for Biocide Chemistries, the Household and Commercial Products Association, and ISSA, the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, in coordination with the U.S. EPA Antimicrobials Division. Universal Janitorial Services Inc. had the opportunity to attend this event and the first of several sessions began … Read More


What We Know About Coronavirus in 2021

What we know about Coronavirus in 2021 Just over a year ago, talk of this coming virus started to appear in news headlines across America. There was a lot we didn’t know at the time, but as we learn more, we are able to adapt and apply that knowledge in keeping our communities a bit safer. Below is a compendium … Read More

EPA Adds Disinfectants for Electrostatic Spraying to List N

EPA Adds Disinfectants For Electrostatic Spraying to List-N

The EPA announced in July 2020 that the List N will be updated in the coming months.These updates were to include the consideration of adding in whether or not that particular disinfectant can be used inside an electrostatic sprayer. What is list-N? List N is the list of registered disinfectants that are certified to either kill SARS-CoV-2 directly or other enveloped viruses … Read More

What is electrostatic disinfection

FAQ: What is electrostatic disinfection & how does it work?

What is electrostatic disinfection? The electrostatic disinfection system places a positive electrostatic charge to the disinfectant as it leaves the spray nozzle, causing each droplet to become powerfully attracted to its opposite negative charge targeted surfaces such as desks, table tops, chairs, door handles, cabinet handles, light switches and hard-to-reach areas.

False covid disinfectant claims

False and Misleading COVID-19 Disinfectant Claims

EPA states that the advisory was issued because it has received tips and complaints concerning potentially false or misleading claims, including efficacy claims, associated with pesticides and devices. We are daily receiving calls from businesses, schools and churches in our community, asking if the commercial cleaning and disinfection guarantees they are being sold are true. To understand some of the cases of … Read More

School Cleaning Checklist

Definitive School Cleaning Checklist & Guide

What Is A School Cleaning Checklist? A school cleaning checklist is a guide to help you structure your school cleaning and provide a strict guidance on what cleaning and disinfection needs to be completed in each section of your school. This school cleaning and disinfection guide includes: Main Entrance, hallways, and lobbies Classrooms and Offices Restrooms Gym & Fitness Facilities … Read More

Is Commercial UV-C Light Disinfection Safe?

UV-C disinfection is the ultimate proactive disinfectant to wipe out germs. Universal Janitorial Services, is currently testing the use, effect and safety of disinfecting with commercial application of UV-C light. You can follow our test results here as we find out if the UV-C light technology is ready for commercial use on customer sites. What Is UV-A and UV-B Light? … Read More