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Commercial janitorial checklists for office, gyms, churches, clinics, healthcare, and industrial facilities. We are sharing our +40 years of Commercial Cleaning Services experience to help you to quality cleaning and disinfection services.

Our commercial janitorial services are exceptionally focused on continuously elevating the level of quality in cleaning, deep cleaning, and disinfection for our commercial customers in Washington DC, Northern Virginia and surrounding areas that we serve.

We share our learnings and method to help our community keep a clean and safe environment so that you can keep serving your customers and community safely.

COVID & Reopening Your Facilities [Guide]

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Develop a Plan For Cleaning & Disinfection Cleaning and disinfecting public spaces requires you to: Develop your plan Implement your plan Maintain and revise your plan Reducing the risk of exposure to COVID-19 by cleaning and disinfection is an important part of reopening your facilities and will require careful planning. Create disinfection protocols

Definitive School Cleaning Checklist & Guide

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Help ensure your schools high standards for a clean and healthy environment Your school is a cornerstone in our community and therefore we are sharing our school cleaning and disinfection checklist to help protect the schools, families, children, in our community. Download the "School Cleaning & Disinfection Guide" here >>

Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfection Guidelines [Checklist]

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How to keep your facilities clean and protect yourself and others against COVID-19 In this guide, we share our professional commercial cleaning service experience and resources offered by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to help our customers and others to have a clear plan of action in

Definitive Commercial Gym Cleaning Checklist & Guidelines

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What is a Fitness & Gym Cleaning Checklist? A gym and fitness center cleaning checklist is a list of rooms and spaces in a fitness facility, the surfaces, fixtures, and equipment which needs to be cleaned and disinfected in each room. The cleaning checklist also specifies the cleaning equipment, disinfectant and cleaning product to

Definitive Church Cleaning Checklist & Guidelines [Checklist]

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Definitive Church Cleaning Checklist & Guidelines [Checklist] Use this Church cleaning checklist and cleaning system, to get your church ready before families and children step into your facilities, use the nursery or restrooms. High quality cleaning is a matter of health and perception of your congregation. This church cleaning guide