EPA Adds Disinfectants for Electrostatic Spraying to List N

EPA Adds Disinfectants For Electrostatic Spraying to List-N

The EPA announced in July 2020 that the List N will be updated in the coming months.These updates were to include the consideration of adding in whether or not that particular disinfectant can be used inside an electrostatic sprayer. What is list-N? List N is the list of registered disinfectants that are certified to either kill SARS-CoV-2 directly or other enveloped viruses … Read More

Reopening Your Facilities Guide

COVID & Reopening Your Facilities [Guide]

Develop a Plan For Cleaning & Disinfection Cleaning and disinfecting public spaces requires you to: Develop your plan Implement your plan Maintain and revise your plan Reducing the risk of exposure to COVID-19 by cleaning and disinfection is an important part of reopening your facilities and will require careful planning. Create disinfection protocols for both daytime AND nighttime cleaning. Basic … Read More

Is Commercial UV-C Light Disinfection Safe?

UV-C disinfection is the ultimate proactive disinfectant to wipe out germs. Universal Janitorial Services, is currently testing the use, effect and safety of disinfecting with commercial application of UV-C light. You can follow our test results here as we find out if the UV-C light technology is ready for commercial use on customer sites. What Is UV-A and UV-B Light? … Read More

Thanks for you generosity

Thanks – You Helped Us Help Our Community

We have been blessed to have done well in our community since our start in 1978 and grateful for the invaluable privilege of being able to support our local community when most needed. Such as time is now and in the future to come. Our customer’s faith and trust in us is profound and is the reason for our ability … Read More