Is Commercial UV-C Light Disinfection Safe?

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UV-C light disinfection is the ultimate proactive disinfectant to wipe out germs.

Universal Janitorial Services, is currently testing the use, effect and safety of disinfecting with commercial application of UV-C light. You can follow our test results here as we find out if the UV-C light technology is ready for commercial use on customer sites.

What Is UV-A and UV-B Light?

As we look around, we see shapes, objects, etc. Based on visible light, whether picked up from natural or manmade sources, we can see color. But below that color spectrum, there is a different wavelength of light produced through electromagnetic radiation. The first set is UV-A light and UV-B light. These penetrate through the atmosphere. When buying sunglasses, we should always look for UV-A and UV-B rated sunglasses. That UV-A light helps us produce Vitamin D naturally (so very important during COVID-19), and helps us regulate insulin and calcium metabolism, and also boosts immunity, cell health, and even improves blood pressure. But too much of a good thing is bad too. It can cause cancer, cause skin issues, damages eyes, can cause a bad sunburn, and too much will reverse your immune system.

What Is UV-C Light disinfection?

A step below UV-B electromagnetic radiation, but slightly above X-Rays, is UV-C radiation. UV-C radiation is far more harmful to humans and other living things. For example, placing a UV-C light within a room filled with plants will eventually leave you in a room filled with dead plants. It’s not entirely safe. But thankfully we have an ozone layer and atmosphere that naturally blocks UV-C radiation.

Despite sounding bad, UV-C light does kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi. It can also be produced through artificial lights. This technology isn’t new. Uses of UV light have been around for over a century and it was first used in a medical setting, with UV-C being used for over 50 years now. But we never had a pandemic like this in modern times. There are many companies out there that do offer large-scale UV-C lights. We were studying a system recently that would kill germs in exposed areas to the light, but the price tag was over $120,000. There are some portable hand-held systems too.

How Long Does It Take UV-C Light To Disinfect?

Universal just invested into a couple of these systems, to try them out, but they really do take a lot of time to be able to kill the virus. However, there are large-scale applications being currently used in the airline industry, hospitals, and other locations.

FAR UV-C Light

Far UV-C light is on a different wavelength closer to UV-B light, but shows promise in killing viruses like SARS-CoV-2. Because it isn’t as harmful as unregulated UV-C radiation, we can withstand doses of Far UV-C without any permanent effects. This technology is only a couple of years old. But it’s currently employed at a number of locations nationwide, mostly in a medical setting. But some commercial offices are starting to install light systems now too.

When and if test results conclude that commercial use of UV-C light for disinfection is safe, Universal Janitorial Services will be ready to offer this service to our customers in the Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC areas. Until then we will keep running our own tests and await final evaluation.

Other Potential Solutions

Universal Janitorial Services is studying and evaluating other options for killing SARS-CoV-2. These examples include ionized hydrogen peroxide (not much different than electrostatic fogging), dry fog technology, ozone machines, and others. We will never use something new unless we can guarantee the safety of everyone and fully accept the science behind that technology item.

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Disinfection That Is Currently Available

Universal Janitorial Services are currently offering electrostatic fogging for all commercial cleaning segments: educational facilities, offices, churches, and industrial facilities since the outbreak of COVID.

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