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The commercial office cleaning checklist includes cleaning tasks and sanitizing duties for all office areas such as office areas, reception, meeting rooms, hallways, libraries, kitchen, breakrooms, restrooms, and shower rooms.

Keeping your office clean and organized is a top priority. Not only does it make the space more pleasant to work in, but it can also help improve productivity and morale. A clean office is also a healthy office, which is why it’s important to schedule regular cleanings. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with an office cleaning checklist to follow so that you can ensure your space is properly cleaned and sanitized.

Structure Of The Office Cleaning Checklists

For convenience purposes the office cleaning checklist is structured into a daily, weekly, monthly office cleaning schedule, and a semi-annual office deep cleaning and disinfection.

Cleaning Checklist: Office Desks And Cubicles

Start by removing any personal items from desks and surfaces. This includes pictures, magnets, Post-It notes, and anything else that is not absolutely necessary for work.

Daily Office Cleaning Checklist

  • Empty trash cans and replace liners.

Weekly Office Cleaning Checklist

  • Use damp cloth to wipe down all surfaces. Be sure to get in all the nooks and crannies, as well as on top.
  • Clean and disinfect computer screens. dust keyboards, and other computer equipment
  • Vacuum clean floors around and under desks and tables.
  • Mop hard floors

Monthly Office Cleaning Checklist

  • Clean the windows and window sills in offices.
  • Disinfect the surfaces that people touch: phones, lamps, keyboards, fax machines, copiers, staplers, chairs, remote controls, and more.
  • Disinfect trash receptacles
  • Sweep, mop and sanitize all hard floor surfaces
  • Dust desks, shelves, and all horizontal surfaces.

Cleaning Checklist: Kitchens And Break Rooms

Office Kitchen Cleaning Checklist -

The office kitchen and break room is frequently used and it’s important to make sure to keep the kitchen area clean and kitchen appliances nice and tidy:

Daily Cleaning Checklist

  • Discard food wrappers, leftover food, perishable fruit and food items.
  • Clean utensils, dishes, and silverware and place clean ones in their place in drawers.
  • Empty trash bins and recycling bins, and replace liners.
  • Place dirty dishes, silverware, cups, and glasses in the dishwasher.
  • Replenish dish washing liquid, dishwasher tablets, and kitchen towels.
  • Vacuum floors and mop floors as needed.
  • Clean and refill sanitary napkin dispensers

Weekly Cleaning Checklist

  • Clean out the refrigerator, dispose of old food. Disinfect shelves, and door, in the refrigerator.
  • Clean the coffee machine, microwave oven, and water fountains.
  • Clean and disinfect table tops, food preparation surfaces, sink, and faucet.
  • Clean appliances like the toaster or microwave.

Cleaning Checklist: Office Reception & Lobby Area

Office Reception Cleaning Checklist -

If you have a reception area in your office where you welcomes guests, you want to make sure it makes a good first impression. To do that, make sure you take the following cleaning steps.

Daily Reception Cleaning Checklist

  • Clean reception counter, computer, keyboard, and phone.
  • Empty trash bins and replace liners.
  • Organize books or magazines that are left for visitors to read.
  • Clean coffee machine, replenish filters, and paper cups.

Weekly Reception Cleaning Checklist

  • Disinfect water cooler, replenish water cups, and water bottle as needed.
  • Clean and dust windows, window sills, window shades, glass doors, glass surfaces, door knobs, and brass signs.
  • Disinfect high-touch surfaces, lamps, phones, TV screens, and remote controls.
  • Vacuum carpets and vacuum hard floor surfaces, including areas under desks and chairs.
  • Dust and clean ceiling fans

Monthly Reception Cleaning Checklist

  • Vacuum and mop hard surface floors.
  • Sweep, and mop hardwood surfaces

Cleaning Checklist: Office Restrooms

Office Toilet Cleaning Checklist -

All bathrooms need regular cleaning, disinfecting, refill of toilet paper, hand soap, sanitizers, to remain clean and functional. Here’s how to keep your office restrooms safe, healthy, and sanitary.

Daily Office Restroom Cleaning Checklist

  • Empty trash bins and replace liners.
  • Clean and disinfect sinks, faucets, and mirrors.
  • Cleaning and disinfect hand soap dispensers and refill soap dispensers.
  • Clean and disinfect toilet seats.
  • Refill toilet paper rolls, and paper towels.
  • Clean and refill hand sanitizer dispensers.
  • Sweep the floor of debris, then mop it with disinfectant.

Weekly Office Restroom Cleaning Checklist

  • Sweep floors and remove debris.
  • Clean and sanitize restroom tile floors, and grouts.
  • Clean and disinfect all table tops, toilet seats, toilet stall walls, door knobs, paper towel dispensers.
  • Check and make sure that all of the hand dryers are working. Troubleshoot, or if you cannot figure out the problem, let a repairman or maintenance specialist know.

Cleaning Tasks: Office Deep Cleaning

Office deep cleaning include detail cleaning of light fixtures, light switches, door handles, keyboards, mouse, water fountains, tables, chairs, and doors. Cleaning and sanitizing toilets, urinals, dispensers, faucets, and sinks. Cleaning kitchen appliances, table tops, sink, refrigerator, ovens, and stove. Cleaning carpets thoroughly using the best HEPA filter vacuum. Clean blinds, drapery, windows, and window sills.

Checklist Office Cleaning Supplies

Check you office cleaning supplies weekly to ensure that your office cleaning tasks can be carried out according to your cleaning schedule. Follow the above best office cleaning checklist to make sure you stay on top of your cleaning schedule or hire a professional commercial cleaning service like Universal Janitorial Services. Our team of janitorial service professionals will make it a breeze to check off your office cleaning checklists.

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