Why Does Green Cleaning Service Matter In Commercial Cleaning?

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In any workplace, it is well known that cleaning is going to have to take place regularly. However, when you hire a janitorial company it is important to make sure that they are only providing you with green cleaning services. This is important not only for environmental reasons but health concerns arise when eco-friendly products are NOT used. Therefore, today we will be discussing why green cleaning products and/or make sure that your commercial cleaning company is only using green cleaning products.

Green Products Provide a Positive Impact

Everyone is aware of the movement towards living a greener lifestyle because of the health and environmental concerns that arise with traditional lifestyles. However, just because you make some small changes to your lifestyle it does not mean other aspects of your life cannot be improved to be greener as well. One change that you can make in your business is to change your office-cleaning provider to a company that uses green cleaning products. You will not only be making the workplace safer for your employees but you are also sending a message to them that green is the way to go.

This could result in your employees who are not transferring their lives to be greener picking up with the trend, that you have set, and living greener lifestyles even when they are away from the office.

Committing to a greener life is contagious so the more people who make an effort, the more people they reach, and the environment can become a better place.

Green Janitorial Services Can Save Your Money

When you hire an eco-friendly cleaning service, you do not have to worry about your business budget undergoing any type of strain. Usually, most green cleaning services charge less than the janitorial services that use hazardous products.

Green Cleaning Products Go Beyond the Surface

If you were to hire a green and environmentally friendly cleaning company, such as Universal Janitorial Services, INC you will find that the products that they use go beyond the surface when cleaning. You will not only be able to become LEED certified but you are making sure that your workplace is as clean as possible.

Traditional cleaning products only clean the surface. However, green cleaning products go deep and eliminate all of the built-up dirt that we do not think about. Think about it, bacteria, mold, and other pollutants may not be able to be seen by the human eye but they affect the indoor air quality. Green cleaning services are removing the visible dirt, harmful air particles, and since they do not use toxic chemicals, they are not just adding to an already existing problem.

Health Problems Are Eliminated

The reason why we, Universal Janitorial Services, Inc., and most other businesses, turned to green cleaning services is because of the dangers that toxic chemicals bring. Traditional chemicals contain so many ingredients that are hazardous to our health and the worst part is even if you and your employees are not present when the cleaning provider comes to clean, the chemicals still can affect them.

People spend a lot of time indoors and the pollution levels are higher indoors rather than outdoors. This is a major problem because the average person spends 90% of their time indoors than outdoors. Furthermore, the chemicals traditional cleaning services use can not only be absorbed through the skin but they can be inhaled as well.

Bottom Line

If you are, a business that has not turned to a green cleaning service it is important for you to do so immediately. You not only have to worry about the dangers that the chemicals threaten you with but you have to keep your employees in mind as well. By doing so your employees will respect you and this important change can help make your work environment a much better place.

Have you recently gone green in the workplace? Feel free to share your experience and the benefits you have noticed in the comments section below.

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