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Specialized Commercial Cleaning Company

We have 40 years of experience in providing exceptional commercial cleaning services and disinfection services to our customers in Arlington Virginia area.

Our specialized cleaning training, documented cleaning system, and formalized quality control have been shaped to fit our customer’s needs in the industries we serve. It is why we can call ourselves “specialized”.

Our systemized cleaning process helps us provide you with the most affordable and highest quality commercial cleaning in Arlington VA.

We pride ourselves on these important principles and the very reason that we have stayed successful since our start in 1978.

Kind Words From Our Customers

“The Professional Development Staff has noticed a definite improvement in the cleanliness of the building. We appreciate the time and effort to put into keeping our building in great shape”.

Rosalie, US Department of Agriculture

“I would like to tell you how much of an improvement the janitorial services have been since Universal Janitorial Services, Inc. has been cleaning suite 700. I wanted you to know that everyone is pleased with the service and attention given to their individual offices. Thank you.”

Adele, Short-term Office Leasing (HQ)

“I wanted to thank you for the extra efforts you made to have our properties look their very best for the July 2nd property tour I conducted with out-of-town clients. The tour was a success and your hard work within a tight deadline is very much appreciated.”

VP, Property management company

“This note is to make certain you are aware that Mr. Tony Rivas and his colleagues have, at no time, provided anything less than outstanding cleaning services. At all times, Mr. Rivas has maintained the utmost level of professionalism and competence.

President, Environmental publication

The Right Cleaning Professionals

Our cleaning quality springs from our consistent cleaning team. We keep a consistent staff by taking good care of them every single day, both our full-time and part-time staff. It’s the hardest asset to copy in the cleaning industry where the emphasis seems to be more on “low-cost” than “excellent”.

Staff Compensation & Benefits

We pay our staff above minimum wages and benefits, which means we are not the cheapest but can provide the most consistent and loyal cleaning staff available. Both our full-time and part-time staff are offered the same benefits, personal time off, and medical benefits. We pride ourselves on taking good care of our colleagues.

Background Check

We provide our customers with a professional cleaning staff who has been through detailed background checks to ensure that our staff have a documented clean record and the right permissions to work.

Training & Safety

Our staff receives both onboarding and continuous training in the industry they will be serving our customers, to ensure the “specialization”, efficiency and safety.


Our cleaning professionals are wearing uniforms and ID badges to ensure they can be recognized by anyone on your premises. We keep cleaning records of which team members have been on your premises which days.

Take advantage of our 4 decades of experience and dedicated team, specialization and quality control. It is what has built our long customer relations for decades.

Janitorial Service Offerings

You Get A Customized Cleaning Plan

Get a customized cleaning plan that will work for your facilities and work schedule.

The nature of your business, customers, staff, opening hours, and organizational size means your cleaning needs are different that another business. We offer customized quality cleaning packages to suit your business, staff and work schedule.

We Manage The Facility Cleaning For You.

We remove the hassle and irritation of you to follow up on your cleaning company.

Our service and communication with you, as our client, ensure that you get status on deviations from the cleaning plan.

With Universal Janitorial Services, you get an accountable cleaning partner that communicates and reports directly to you.

Your 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your business’ success is important to us, that’s why every job comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the job we will come back and clean it until you are happy, at no extra cost – we are not happy unless you are happy!

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